Our Team


Thanks to the extraordinary vision and passion of its leaders, Alka Gupta, Wing Commander Deepak Gupta, and Ayush Gupta, BAFEL, the British Academy for English Language, gained tremendous success and notoriety in the educational and training industry in India. They have been the inspiration behind the institution’s success, pushing BAFEL to develop into one of the most regarded and reputable names in the business, thanks to their significant expertise, knowledge, and passion.

Alka Gupta

A renowned educator has committed her life to providing students, professionals, and organisations with excellent instruction and instruction. Her outstanding contributions to the education sector have earned her various accolades and honours, cementing her place as a leading expert in the industry. Her uncompromising dedication to quality has established the framework for BAFEL’s success, establishing the school as a dependable source of excellent training and education.

Deepak Gupta

Wing Commander Deepak Gupta, an ex-Indian air force officer, brings important knowledge and expertise to BAFEL’s command. He has been essential in developing and implementing BAFEL’s extensive training programmes due to his expertise in learning and management. His invaluable efforts have resulted in the development of specialised education for nurses seeking work in the UK, establishing BAFEL as the top choice for aspirational experts.

Ayush Gupta

Ayush Gupta, a phenomenal individual with a diverse educational background, has brought his business skills to the BAFEL team. BAFEL has expanded its scope and network under his leadership, giving tempting franchise possibilities to budding entrepreneurs throughout India. His strategic vision, inventive mentality, and commercial acumen have all contributed considerably to BAFEL’s success, transforming it into a very profitable and long-lasting organisation.

The procedure for turning into a BAFEL franchisee is simple and straightforward. Anyone who are interested may visit their website and fill up the franchise registration form. Once sending the application, the BAFEL staff will review it and contact the candidate for further conversations. Individuals may benefit from a proven business concept, significant assistance, and exclusivity running powers in their city or area by becoming a BAFEL franchisee. Franchisees benefit from world-class training and assistance, as well as the instant prestige of the BAFEL brand’s prominent position in the learning and development industry.

BAFEL’s exceptional staff has established the school as an icon in India’s education and training business. Their knowledge, devotion, and leadership have ensured that BAFEL’s chain continues to develop across India, providing quality education and training to a diverse range of learners, professionals, and organisations. By becoming a member of the BAFEL franchise, anyone may become a part of this incredible achievement and help to making high-quality education and training available to everyone. Individuals may have a lasting influence on their community while also developing a strong and sustainable company by working with BAFEL.

BAFEL’s success can be ascribed not only to its innovative founders, Alka Gupta, Wing Commander Deepak Gupta, and Ayush Gupta, but additionally to the hardworking and talented staff that supports and drives the organization’s development. While it is impossible to name every member of the team, some essential responsibilities at BAFEL that make a contribution to its success are as follows:


Academic and Training Staff:

BAFEL’s highly qualified instructors who come from varied backgrounds and have vast expertise in the fields they work in, deliver excellent training and education to learners as well as employees. Their dedication to quality guarantees that BAFEL retains its position as a renowned institution.


The Sales and Marketing Team:

This group is in charge of advertising BAFEL’s programmes and services, raising awareness, and recruiting prospective learners, professionals, and franchisees. Their efforts boost BAFEL’s reach and impact on the education and training industry in India.


Operations & Administration:

The operations and administrative personnel maintain the seamless functioning of BAFEL centres by handling day-to-day work and giving assistance to learners, educators, and franchisees. Their efficiency and attention to detail greatly contribute to the institution’s success as a whole.


Franchise Assistance Team:

This team provides complete help for BAFEL franchisees, assisting them in setting up and managing their centres, as well as offering training, marketing assistance, and continuous operational assistance. Their devotion assures the achievement and expansion of BAFEL’s franchise business.


The Innovation and Technology Team:

This group is responsible for incorporating modern technology and new teaching techniques into BAFEL’s programmes and services. Their efforts serve to maintain BAFEL at the forefront of the education and training business, providing learners as well as workers with a better educational experience.


Assurance of Quality and Compliance:

The company’s quality assurance team keeps track of and upholds the exceptionally high standards of BAFEL’s programmes and services. They make sure the school follows all necessary legislation and norms, ensuring the greatest possible education and training for students and professionals.

Conclusion: The collective work, enthusiasm, and devotion of these teams, as well as numerous more people performing behind the scenes, have contributed to BAFEL a very successful organisation in India’s training and education industry. They have developed and continues to build an institution that is associated for outstanding standards and excellence in learning and instruction.